Win Source Ceramics Co., Ltd is located in Cizao of Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China, which is well known as "Ceramic Hometown". We are specialized in producing building ceramic roof tile, clay roof tile with different designs and different sizes, we are now having mature production technology for manufacturing European 300*400mm interlocking roof tile, flat roof tiles, 305*305mm Spanish roof tile, 270*400mm bent flat roof tile, Roman roof tile and Chinese Ancient architetural glazed roof tiles etc.

  • What is  clay roof tile?

    Clay roof tiles belong to a type of roof building material, which has a rectangular tile body. The front of the tile body has a longitudinal groove, and the tile body at the upper end of the groove has a hanging tile head. The left and right sides of the tile body are respectively left and right ove...

  • What is ceramic roof tile?

    Ceramic roof tile are made from clay and other synthetic materials by drying wet embryos and firing them at high temperatures. At a high temperature of over 1000 degrees, clay solidifies into pottery, and after exceeding 1200 degrees, it basically becomes porcelain. Generally, the temperature of ...


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