What is clay roof tile?


Clay roof tiles belong to a type of roof building material, which has a rectangular tile body. The front of the tile body has a longitudinal groove, and the tile body at the upper end of the groove has a hanging tile head. The left and right sides of the tile body are respectively left and right overlapping edges. There is a rear claw boss at the lower end of the back of the tile body, and the protruding part on the back of the tile body has a protruding rear rib. This type of ceramic tile has a reasonable structure, smooth drainage, and no water leakage.

When installing, simply lap each ceramic tile together, with high convenience, tight lap, and firm connection.

The tile body can be made of ceramic materials, with high flexural and compressive strength, uniform density, light weight, and no water absorption. It will not increase the roof load due to water absorption and weight increase like cylinder tiles and cement tiles. The surface of the tile body is smooth and flat, and can have various colors. It is an ideal roof material for modern buildings.

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