What is ceramic roof tile?


Ceramic roof tile are made from clay and other synthetic materials by drying wet embryos and firing them at high temperatures.

At a high temperature of over 1000 degrees, clay solidifies into pottery, and after exceeding 1200 degrees, it basically becomes porcelain. Generally, the temperature of pottery tiles is controlled below 1200 degrees.

There were records of using clay tiles as early as the Western Zhou Dynasty in ancient China, and after the Tang Dynasty, a large number of glazed tiles were used as important roof decoration materials in the vast southern regions. Although glazed tiles are also fired from clay, they are no longer what we usually refer to as ceramic roof tile.

A series of European companies such as CS (Portugal), NELSKAMP, Baotao Art, and Teli have also entered China in recent years. ceramic roof tile are excellent roofing products with a thousand year history of Chinese culture, stable and atmospheric. The production process is simple, and local materials can be obtained from various parts of the country. It accounts for the majority of the selection of tiles for sloping roofs, but its disadvantage is heavy weight and great damage to land resources.

Domestic ceramic roof tile are mainly produced in Guangdong and Fujian regions. The production lines of these factories mostly adopt Japanese style. The product type is also relatively single, but the quality control is relatively stable. Suitable for the climate conditions in the south. There is also a clay factory in Yixing, Jiangsu, which mainly imitates Spanish tube tiles and European style tiles. There are significant differences in quality, and the process of applying matte glaze is very simple, prone to weathering and discoloration, resulting in high water absorption of the product.

The main brands of imported clay tiles include NELSKAMP from Germany, Gabela from TEJASBORJA Island in Spain, Thai tiles from Manning's in France, and DREADNOUGHT from the UK.

How to choose between using domestic ceramic roof tile or imported ceramic roof tile has become an urgent matter for industry insiders to understand. The key still depends on the style and positioning of your building. From the perspective of quality and functionality, German products are the first choice. If it is a Mediterranean style, Spain and France are preferred. If it is a castle style building, natural slate tiles are preferred. If clay tiles are used as a substitute, pure and flat clay tiles can only be chosen. Color should not choose completely matte glaze. If it is purely British, then the preferred choice is from the UK. The roof clay tiles represent a culture in Europe, and more importantly, represent the taste and identity of this building.

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